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You're here because you'd like to order prints or CD's. Thanks for coming by. Just one thing to remind you of, before you order ...

a) You're buying a print or CD image for personal use. No transfer of copyright comes with the image, even if it is of you. You DO NOT obtain the right to re-license, publish or distribute the images you purchase under any circumstance and any discovery that you have done that will be prosecuted because you will have violated US copyright laws. Usual juducial awards for violation of Copyright can run as much as $150k per image - it's just not worth it to you to violate that law! If you want to publish the image, then get back with me, or have your sponsor, or the magazine contact me. Images can be licensed but the fees are entirely different and based on space, duration and publication uses.


Let's talk Prices .... For Surfing Images only!

Here's how we determine what gets paid for surfing images ...

1) Locate the gallery that has your shot in it.

2) Pick your shots from the galleries.

3) Let me know what you want, with a file number, slide number and whether you want it in paper print or as download.

4) Decide what YOU can afford, or what YOU think its worth

5) Make the offer.

If it's a stupid offer, you'll get a stupid response, UNLESS you can make the case for making a stupid offer.

I'll consider all offers. And I'll do it within 24 hours or I'll let you know it's going to take longer. If that happens it'll be because I'm off island or some other restriction, NOT because I don't want you to have the image.

       Deal?        Great    -     ALOHA!


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